Werner van Harselaar

Werner van Harselaar

LL.B., B.Phed., M.Ed.

Werner is a Partner of Wilkinson Rodgers, specialising in immigration, gambling societies, rural, employment and transport law.

Typically, clients seek out Werner’s advice at an earlier stage of their project but he is also often needed to sort out problems. This litigation work sees him representing clients in the District Court (Criminal and Environment), Employment Relations Authority/Court, Liquor Licencing Authority, Gambling Commission and Immigration and Protection Tribunal as well as various professional Tribunals. Werner also an accredited mediator; having recently gained a LEADR mediation accreditation from the Resolution Institute.  

Werner develops long-term relationships with many clients, advising them on their business, conveyancing and property interests. 

With a background in secondary teaching, Werner has worked on a variety of school and sporting boards and has a life-long interest in education (B.Phed. M.Ed. LL.B.). He takes pride in having a ‘solution-based’ attitude to work, and is a skilled and experienced negotiator, general problem-solver and advocate.

In his private time, Werner is a keen participant in various recreational endeavours such as football, rural pursuits and fishing.  Married to Kate, he is also a family man, and has two active children.