Building a better future for our clients...

Our specialists work together to provide clients with the full range of advice they need to achieve their desired results. If you're looking for specialist knowledge and advice, are a company or individual we can help you by making it easier for you to achieve your objectives.

Wilkinson Rodgers has many years experience dealing with commercial matters central to both large and small business. Important issues such as corporate structuring and business planning are dealt with promptly and efficiently. Our commercial and business services include company formations and restructuring, debt collection, finance, franchising, insolvency, leases, litigation, property, resource management, rural sector services, tax planning, GST and securities. We also deal with employer obligations such as ACC, employment contracts, risk management and mediation work within the commercial field.

Wilkinson Rodgers has had a major involvement with charitable trusts and community groups over the years. It is essential to ensure that the structure of a trust has been fully thought out. We are able to assist and advise on fundraising avenues and investments. At Wilkinson Rodgers we also deal with education, health and sports law.

Family Law
Family Law can be anything from adoption, access arrangements, custody of children, domestic violence issues, separations, relationship property issues, dissolution of marriages and prenuptial agreements. Our people are extremely experienced in all aspects of Family Law and related matters including immigration, powers of attorney and Elder Law.

Home, Asset & Employment Law
Wilkinson Rodgers offers a full range of legal services related to home, asset and employment law. Home & Asset services include boundary and property disputes, building law, buying and selling, mortgages and resource management, asset planning, debt collections, tax planning, trusts and litigation arising out of those matters. We have a very experienced team of employment lawyers who can work with you through the mediation process as the majority of employment disputes are settled at this stage. Our team is also able to visit your work place or meet with you to discuss things that you could do to try and avoid disputes in the first place. We are also able to assist by drawing up written employment contracts.

Wills / Estates
We recommend that all adult clients should have a current will. A will is an exercise in asset planning as you look to consider the needs of your children and family in the future. We are happy to provide free wills where they are simple wills. However these days wills often take on a much greater role in asset planning and in that case we will discuss with you the likely cost of undertaking the exercise. Often this will be done in conjunction with enduring powers of attorney.

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